WhatsApp 無 notification

iOS 14 (Upg 15 問題仍然存在).

WhatApp 開住就所有野正常, 收到 message, WhatsApp call 都有通知...
但 quit app 之後, 其他人 WhatsApp 來電, send message 過來... 都冇無通知.
其他 app, e.g. WeChat 就無問題.

Reset Notification Settings
Background App Refresh
Offload WhatsApp and reinstall again
Reset Network Settings
Restart iPhone



  • Download WhatsApp Business.
  • Port your account over to WA Business (click continue after opening the app) without deleting the normal WhatsApp.
  • Try to get someone to test send a few messages to your number. WA Business should push out the notifications.
  • Delete your normal WhatsApp and restart your iPhone.
  • Re-download and reinstall the normal WhatsApp from the App Store. Open the app and allow porting of info to take place.
  • And there! Notifications should come in as per normal again on your normal WhatsApp!!!
  • Delete the WA Business app if you have no use for it.